10 Facts About Using Twitter For Restaurant Marketing

10 facts for using Twitter for restaurants

Using Twitter For Restaurants

Did you know that this week is #RestaurantWeek on Twitter? Me neither, but now we both do. In celebration of this (annual?) event, Twitter created an Infographic which reveals 10 exciting facts about food and using Twitter for Restaurants.

We’ll get into to those 10 facts in just a moment, but first I’d like to offer resources that explain exactly why restaurants should be using social media marketing. For some useful tips on getting started with using Twitter for restaurants, check out my 12 steps to content marketing for your restaurant. Then be sure to read the beginners guide to Pinterest content marketing for restaurants.

Why Restaurants Should Use Twitter

Restaurants that use social media in their marketing mix stand to generate a ton of exposure and growth in their business. They must have the product and service to stand behind their marketing and promotion of course, but a solid, optimized content marketing strategy combined with website optimization (SEO) can bring restaurants some serious ROI.

“Food is a hot topic of conversation on Twitter and there are millions of food related tweets sent globally each week. In the UK, we have become a foodie nation and more than half of our users (52%) turn to Twitter for information and inspiration about food and restaurants.”

As I’m sure you’ve witnessed through your own experiences and that of your friends, people love to eat out, experience new cuisine, and share their dining experience with their friends. How many tweets or Facebook posts featuring someone’s appetizer, cocktail, salad, entrée, or dessert have you seen lately?

Twitter’s research showed that 52% of users eat out at restaurants at least a few times a month and 35% eat out at a pub just as frequently. Because Twitter is primarily a mobile platform, snapping photos and social sharing are easily facilitated with today’s ubiquitous smartphones.

“More than half (55%) of UK users log onto Twitter when they are in a restaurant. Of those who use Twitter to share about food and restaurants: 37% have tweeted a picture of their meal.”

Even more interesting for restaurant marketers to note, it’s not just food (#foodporn) that is being tweeted. Over 60% of UK users have tweeted about the restaurant they visited or tweeted directly to a restaurant that they planned on visiting. Here’s the part that restaurant marketers should pay extra special attention to: When users do tweet, it’s overwhelmingly because they have something upbeat to say:


“72% of those who have tweeted a restaurant directly made positive comments.”


Twitter Helps Restaurants Attract New Customers

If you’re not convinced yet, let me tell you about how Twitter can help your restaurant attract new and returning customers. Twitter’s research shows that tweets about promotions, food and customer service are the most effective ways to encourage Twitter users to visit.

Among those who visited a restaurant as a result of something they saw on Twitter, 52% cited promotional offers and discounts; 43% said it was a photo of the food; and 39% said it was great customer service.

I can say from first hand experience that social media as a whole has helped restaurants attract new customers and build their business. VPDM client, Weinkeller, open their doors in September 2013. We started their social media campaign and launched the website 6 months ahead of the doors opening. The case study  can be found here.

The website and social media optimization (SEO/SMO), the social media marketing and content strategy, and the quality of the food, service, and overall Weinkeller experience, all contributed to pushing Weinkeller to the #1 restaurant in Niagara Falls on Trip Advisor and the #2 Restaurant (local cuisine) in Ontario, within 6 months of their opening service.

=”https://www.facebook.com/WeinkellerNiagaraFalls/photos/a.191769720995242.1073741831.139970872841794/245451102293770/?type=1″>Post by =”https://www.facebook.com/WeinkellerNiagaraFalls”>Weinkeller.


More Facts About Twitter, Restaurants & Food

For any restaurant that hasn’t stepped up their Twitter game yet, see the infographic below. It’s time to get a content strategy on paper, execute and produce the digital media (photos, videos, etc) needed to share and promote your establishment. Then create the web based content that is hosted on your mobile optimized and responsive website, and share that on your growing and engaged social platforms.

1. 1 in 2 UK users have visited a new restaurant based on a recommendation they’ve seen on Twitter

2. 55% of UK users use Twitter while in a restaurant.

3. 2 in 3 UK users consider themselves to be “somewhat of a foodie”.

4. 73% of those who visited a restaurant based on something on Twitter said they went after seeing a tweet about the food.

5. 57% of UK Twitter users share information on Twitter and comments about food and restaurants they have experienced.

* Twitter commissioned this research and it’s based on findings of new research* Vision Critical conducted as part of Twitter’s exciting new #RestaurantWeek initiative in order to discover how and what we like to tweet about when it comes to food.

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