Did You Notice The Change To The Twitter User Interface?

New Twitter User InterfaceWhat’s Up With The Twitter User Interface?

Did you notice your Twitter profile, on the web, looks a little different this week. That’s because, on Monday, there was a fairly significant update to the Twitter user interface, specifically in its web based product.

It looks like Twitter is pushing out its latest user interface (UI) not only to Twitter’s mobile app, but now as of Monday Feb 3, 2014, the new Twitter UI is on both the app and desktop/web version.

According to SlashGear, Twitter announced this change in mid January but this week is the time where the largest cross-section of users get access to the new UI.

“Inside you’ll find a “whitened” sort of look, as if Twitter has just finished brushing its teeth. White boxes are joined with a bit more letting in all text areas, making the whole setup look a lot easier on the eyes. Users will also see a light blue continue to be used throughout this UI.”

=”https://twitter.com/VeePopat”>Twitter's new User Interface (UI) on the Web


You’ll also notice easier navigation with the addition of a more visible home bar for logged-in users. Mobile Twitter users will be familiar with this home bar already. It took a bit for me to get used to but when I did, I really appreciated the change on mobile.

Essentially the home bar lets users tap on Home to view their normal feed, they tap Connect to see who has been mentioning them, and a tap on Discover shows the user Twitter’s most-used tags at the time. Clearly users tap Me to see one’s own profile.

Are you happy that Twitter brought the mobile app’s UI to the web version?

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