10 Types of Twitter Cards Defined

The 10 Types of Twitter Cards Defined

This is a Part 2 of a 3-Part series, researched and written by Matthew Johnson. Matthew is one of VPDM Digital’s 2014 student interns. He’s also a fourth year Brock University Student, specializing in Business Communications. Today, Matthew will define the 10 different types of Twitter cards that business can use to increase social engagement and website conversions.

If you haven’t already, read Part 1What Are Twitter Cards and How Do They Work?


Part 2: Why Use Different Types of Twitter Cards?

Digital marketers have lucrative reasons for using Twitter cards. Depending on their goals they may find some Twitter cards more useful than others.

Right now there are 10 types of Twitter cards, which include:

  1. Summary cards
  2. Large photo summary cards
  3. Product cards
  4. Website cards
  5. App cards
  6. Lead generation cards
  7. Player cards
  8. Photo cards
  9. Gallery cards
  10. Audio cards

So which one is best for your business? Should you use just one or some strategic combination of a few?

Let’s start by describing what each card does and how you can use Twitter cards in your social media marketing strategy.


The 10 Different Types of Twitter Cards


1. Summary Cards

Summary Card - types of twitter cards

Summary cards are seen as Twitter’s default card. They include a title, description, thumbnail image, information about the Twitter account attributed to the card and a link to the content.

Summary cards are especially useful for blog posts and news articles.  They provide basic information about themes and topics covered in a piece of content, which makes it easy for users to figure out if it is something that they are interested in.


2. Large Photo Summary Cards

twitter card - large pohoto summary card

These cards are similar to summary cards. They include the same features as summary cards but description space is traded for a bigger image.

This is useful for content producers that want to post a highly visual piece of content. This is also useful if you want to make the aesthetic presentation of your product the centre of the message.

Summary cards appeal to content producers in the food industry because they can post detailed pictures of food product they are trying to promote. By doing so the emphasis of the post becomes the photo rather than the description.


3. Product Cards

twitter product card

Product cards are a third type of Twitter card. These are especially useful for companies trying to sell product online.

What makes product cards especially useful is that companies can include descriptions of up to 200 words, pricing information, product availability and a direct link to the page where the product can be purchased.

This makes it easy and convenient for users to purchase the product. I thought it was ridiculous to make it easy and convenient for people to buy pistols online, so that’s why I included the image above.


4. Website Cards

twitter website card

Website cards are used to drive traffic to a landing page or company website.  They include a horizontal image, a link to a companies website and a call–to–action button.

Website cards are useful for companies that have important information that they want to communicate to potential customers.

Examples include limited time offers and new product releases.


5. App Cards

twitter app card

App cards are used to drive traffic towards an application. They include a description of the app, along with its name, rating, price, a direct link to the app store, and a call–to–action button.

Call–to–action buttons are not displayed if the user already has the app.

App cards are useful for anyone releasing an app on iPhone, iPad or Android. They make it as easy as possible for mobile Twitter users to find and download new apps.


6. Lead Generation Cards

twitter lead generation card

Lead generation cards are used for companies trying to develop leads and grow their email list. They are a unique type of Twitter card because they cannot be used to link users to a companies website.

Lead generation cards are used to encourage users to sign up for a special offer or a newsletter. Content producers are given users email address, which can be used to target future content at.

This process is easy for users because Twitter automatically fills in their email information when they click on a lead generation card, leaving them just needing to accept.


7. Player Cards

twitter video player card

Player cards are essential for content producers working in music or video. Users can watch or listen to media without leaving Twitter. Player cards include a photo, a brief description of the content being shared, and a direct link to the page it can be found.

They are commonly used to bring attention to new pieces of content. Users can easily open the link and listen or watch a piece of content that they are interested in.

Player cards are useful for young artists that are looking for cheap exposure. If Twitter users like their content they will likely share it, bringing free exposure to the artist.


8. Photo Cards

photo cards for twitter

Photo cards are used when a photo is the center of attention for a piece of content. The emphasis is 100% on the photo. This is useful for visual industries, such as photography and art.

They provide the same function as player cards, in that they bring exposure to new pieces of artistic content. Artists can post content to bring awareness to it and hope that it gets shared.


9. Gallery Cards

twitter photo gallery card

Gallery cards allow content producers to show a collection of up to 4 photos in a single Tweet. They tell users that multiple related photos are available at a url. Clicking on one of the photos will expand it to full size.

This is useful for content producers that want to share a collection of photos. For instance real estate workers use gallery cards to show off pictures of homes they are trying to sell.


10. Audio Cards

new twitter audio cards

Audio cards are the newest type of Twitter card. They were introduced earlier this week. Audio cards allow Twitter users to play music content while browsing on a Twitter.

Much like player cards, audio cards are useful for young musical artistic looking to bring awareness to their work.


The Wrap

Over the last two weeks we have discussed what Twitter cards are and defined the different types of Twitter cards that are available.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, you can check it out here.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the series where we will discuss how to set up Twitter Cards on your website.

There are multiple approaches that can be used, depending on your coding skillset. We will discuss how to use WordPress to set up Twitter cards because this approach will be easy to learn for people that lack coding experience.

If you’d like some help or consultation with implementing Twitter cards on your website, we can help!

Contact us today and tell us your biggest marketing challenge and we’ll tell you how we’ll fix it.


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