4 Reasons Why US Airways Should Get A Pass On Their Twitter Fail

US Airways Twitter Fail Deserves A Pass

Here’s Why The US Airways Twitter Blunder Is No Big Deal

This one may go down as the absolute worst twitter blunder of all time. Or will it? It was a doozy, land let’s be honest, it was pretty hilarious and you just had to laugh. If not at the disturbing image, then at the conversation taking place on Twitter last night under #usairways. Here’s another side of the US Airways Twitter Fail.

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Why US Airways Deserves A Break

I came across this super perspective on shankman.com. Peter Shankman is called “a public relations all-star” by the New York Times. They say he knows everything about new media and then some. His article, published on his site yesterday, listed 4 legitimate reasons why this “blunder” will not hurt the US Airways brand in any way.

1) It was a reply tweet. It didn’t go to everyone who follows USAirways, unless you also happen to follow the person it was directed to

2) It was a mistake. It was a photo from an earlier tweet someone sent to USAirways, and no doubt was copied and pasted by one employee to send to a friend, instead, he made a C/P error.

3) This isn’t like the “people can’t drive (https://www.adweek.com/adfreak/chrysler-throws-down-f-bomb-twitter-126967) in Detroit” tweet sent by an agency on behalf of Chrysler. This was a simple reply.

4) Don’t confuse Twitter outrage with real outrage. There’s a huge difference. Real outrage lasts much longer than one Tweet.

I think Peter makes 4 very interesting arguments, which are essentially facts, that make a ton of sense.

Read his full story here and find out why this will die quicker than you think. He also illustrates how this should be a lesson to use all on mistakes and failure in general. In the end, everyone has and will F’s up several times in their time.

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What are your thoughts on the 4 points above? Sound off in the comments.


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