Vine Releases Loop Counts To Show How Many Times A Video Was Viewed

Vine releases Loop Counts

Loop Counts Are Vine Analytics

The ability to now be able to see how many times your Vine video was viewed? Hellz yea, I’ll take those metrics, thank you. On Canada Day no less, Vine introduced a new feature called Loop Counts. Starting now, you’ll see loop counts on Vines on both iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as on Vine in the web. These loop counts will indicate how many times people have looped a video while using Vine on desktop or mobile as well as any Vine that has been embedded anywhere on the internets.

How Marketers Will Use Loop Counts

I for one, am thanking Vine for this update. I’m a stat junkie and love analytics and insights. It really helps my team and I judge how well or how badly we’re woking a strategy. It provides us with info that can help us adjust our strategy.

What Vine brings us today is a new way for us to quickly get a sense of how engaging and popular our Vines are. The loop counter will show how many times a user has watched a Vine loop. This number will update in real time which is kinda cool. And kinda creepy too, in a way…as you watch a Vine video, you’ll know other users are watching the same Vine right along with you.

vine loop counts


Additional Updates From Vine

Vine didn’t stop with just the loop count update. They’ve also redesigned their home feed and revamped the activity feed. On iOS and Android, users will notice a new design, offering you bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments.

Their activity feed is now designed to make it easier for us to know what’s happening with our Vines. You’ll see new activity, old activity, and receive notifications when your videos reach milestones like 25 or 100 likes.
To read more on Vine’s announcement go here or to Vine’s Help Centre.


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