How To Access Vine On Desktop

Introducing Vine on desktopIntroducing Vine On Desktop

We knew this was coming. Today, Vine made its move from more than just an app and on to a full-on web based desktop interface that looks awesome in any desktop browser (that’s not IE).

This news comes on a Thursday and just in time for most of Vine’s user base to party all weekend. Those Vine loving millennials are no longer tied to their mobile devices when filming hilarious 6 second videos. We’re now able to eat up precious hours of our day watching 6 second Vines on our desktop computers at

Does this sound familiar? It should. Just about a year ago Instagram became more than a mobile-only social platform. This year, it’s Vine’s turn. Up until now, the only way to watch, share and discover Vine videos has been on your smartphone. Due to high user demand, Vine realized that their users want to explore and view Vine videos on their computer as well.


The New Desktop Version of Vine

In a blog post this week, Vine introduced a brand-new version of the mobile app, in a desktop version on They’ve added a bunch of new features that help users search for and discover Vine videos directly on the web.

Vine on Desktop


Vine Explore Equals Vine Search

When you land on the site you land on the Explore page, which includes a search field, front and centre, above the fold. You’ll also find the familiar channels like Places and Animals alongside Trending Tags and Popular Now. This is a comfortable UX transition because this is essentially what you already see when using the mobile app.

Other new features include top navigation on the upper left that lets you transition between your home feed (if logged in) and the popular now feed. Also new is something cool called TV mode that combines all feeds.


Vine Content Curation

I’m a big fan of curated content. Vine knows this and realized that many others are as well. They’ve added new sections that feature hand-curated content which makes it easy for users to find great videos and accounts right off the bat.

Good news if you don’t have a Vine account or you do and you’re not signed in. Everyone can access the Explore page to find awesome micro-format, short form videos that are 6 second Vines. This no doubt is a calculated move to encourage sign up via desktop. Nice one Vine!


vine videos on desktop


Is This The Beginning of Vine Search?

I’m calling the search bar the most powerful new feature on Vine desktop. Many social networks have powerful native search engines. Facebook has Graph Search, Twitter Search is extremely useful, and Google+ search speaks for itself. Pinterest has a new search feature as well. I hope to have a post on that one coming soon.

The Vine search bar allows users to search by tag, person, or location. That’s going to be great for discovery!


Vine Search on Desktop


For more information check out the official blog post or visit

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