Website Optimization Tips For 2014

the conversation is the relationshipIt’s Not All About Keywords Anymore

If we’ve learned anything reading many website optimization tips and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics this year, it’s that basic on page metadata, link building, and keywords/keyword rich copy should be just a one of a few integral parts of your website optimization strategy.

I’m certainly not saying that metadata, linking building, and keywords aren’t important or significant to your SEO, I’m simply saying that many other off page tactics will prove to be much more significant for SEO in 2014 and beyond.

If you’re searching for a website optimization company to help you, be sure that their strategy is above board, their tactics are white-hat, and that their website optimization services go beyond just on page metadata and deploying short and long tail keywords.


Website Optimization Tips For 2014

In today’s routine of crawling the internet searching for fresh and cool content marketing inspiration, content ideas, and other website optimization tips, I came across this quote that you see below, from an extremely reliable source and certainly one person who can call themselves not only an SEO expert, but the one and only SEO guru.

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“You can chase whatever keywords and phrases you like, but at the end of the day it’s all about those conversations”

Google’s Matt Cutts

There – you’ve read it straight from the horse’s mouth. Matt Cutts is Google’s current head of webspam team and works with the Search Quality team on search engine optimization issues.

If you’ve been compiling a list of website optimization tips, it might be a good idea to add this one to your SEO strategy.

I’ve quoted Matt a few times on this blog. For example, read what Cutts has to say about SEO misconceptions and SEO optimization Services and how business should be focusing on quality content over backlinks.

I’ve had many conversations about website optimization tips and services with small and medium sized businesses from across Canada, New York state, and as far away from me as Manchester, UK. Each consulting session shared a similar theme.

Each business has recognized the need to outsource their website optimization services in order to remain competitive in their respective niche. The one issue that most all seem concerned about is their website’s search position for their targeted keywords.

This is a fair concern. However, It’s a challenge to help SMB’s who don’t understand that you need to go deep with website optimization services.

After delivering my SEO audit of their website and my recommended course of action, many are content to stick with the most basic on page optimization tactics believing that this will refresh their website SEO.


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While ‘basic SEO’ may refresh your website’s keyword density and general on page optimization, those on page tactics alone will not improve your search engine rankings. At least not to the level each SMB wants.

In order to achieve your goals of boosting website search rankings, increasing social media engagement, and building more website traffic with conversions, you need to be sure that you, or your SEO company, is using a comprehensive blend of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing with social media optimization.


In 2014 content will be more than just king. If content is king then social sharing is queen.

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